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The “Titan Trade Club” Company hereinafter referred to as “Company” offers the service for the conversion (exchange) transactions on the foreign exchange market Forex, CFD shares, indexes, metals and Digital contracts to a private person ( hereinafter “Client”) under terms and conditions of this Agreement (Offer). The Offer becomes effective from the moment when a Client opens a trading account and transfers funds to the account / accounts of the Company to ensure a minimum trading deposit.



1.1. A Client on a self-reliant basis opens/ registers an account on the Company’s site (in the Personal Cabinet). The registration results in issuing a trading account number (login) and two passwords (a trading password and an investor’s password) to a Client. The fact of these data (the login and passwords) transfer is deemed to be the acceptance of this Agreement and the moment of its terms and conditions’ entry into force.

1.2. A Client replenishes a trading account within 30 calendar days from the date of its opening by the amount not less than required according to the specified conditions for the corresponding type of an account (minimum initial deposit).

1.3. The company is entitled to close / cancel an account with zero balance, if existence of the account with this balance exceeds 15 calendar days. The Company has the right to close / cancel an account with any balance, if the period of the account non-use and the account existence with this balance exceeds 90 calendar days, having sent a prior notification to the Client. The Company ensures payback according to the Client’s payment banking details used during the last funds transfer to the trading account or during the withdrawal, unless otherwise submitted by the Client, within 5 days after the notification of the Client about the account closing/ cancelling.

1.4. A Client has the right to withdraw from his trading account the amount of money that is not used for margin coverage.

1.5. A Client requests to withdraw money in the Personal Cabinet in electronic form. Upon a Client’s order for payment receipt, the amount withdrawn from a trading account is deducted from the Client’s trading account.

1.6. Funds transfer to the Client’s banking details is executed within two bank days after receiving a request from a Client. Funds transfer by requests not associated with trading activity (p. 4.13) is executed within ten bank days after receiving a request.

1.7. A Client obtains the Company’s banking details for funds transfer with the purpose of depositing a trading balance on the Company’s website or makes a request for replenishment in electronic form (sent through the Company’s website interface) or in written form.

1.8. Replenishing an account, a Client uses the current Company’s banking details obtained only on the Company’s website on the payment date. The current banking details are regarded as those obtained not earlier than 24 (twenty four) hours prior to the payment. The Company is not liable for the funds transferred by a Client to the accounts and according to the banking details different from the current; does not trace and refund the Client’s payment as well as does not credit these funds into the Client’s trading balance. Invoices for trading deposit replenishment and the current banking details are received in the relevant section in the Personal Cabinet on the payment date.

1.8.1. Replenishing a trading account by third persons is not allowed. Such payments will return to the payer, in which case the commission expenses shall be paid by the trading profile owner.

1.9. A Client bears all expenses associated with funds withdrawal/ replenishment. These costs include the commission for money transfer through payment systems (as per payment systems tariffs) and by other means of money transfer.

1.10. When replenishing a trading account balance by means of electronic payment systems  (Blockchain, Visa, MasterCard  and others) the Client has the right to request the payment to the banking details of that payment system through which the trading account replenishment was performed, in the corresponding currency. In case of withdrawal of funds, derived as the profit from trading transactions, the money withdrawal request in other payment systems and/ or in other currencies is possible.

1.11. For the purpose of AML policy (anti-money laundering policy) the Company is entitled to refuse the funds transfer to the banking details which do not conform to those to which the trading account replenishment was performed. This refusal shall not be construed as repayment repudiation, but is interpreted as the security measure associated with a Client’s potential erroneous statement of the banking details for receiving funds. The Company has the right to request the information that confirms the banking details accuracy and their belonging to a Client.

1.12. Withdrawals are available to the client when opening a Micro account with a minimum account of $ 1000. As part of the AML policy against the legalization of proceeds of crime, the Company has the right to refuse to withdraw funds to the client if the amount is less than the minimum account available.

1.12.1. Customers with a trading account up to $ 1000 are entitled to withdraw funds only after the goods turnover of the account.

1.13. When withdrawing funds, the client pays income tax and currency conversion individually, depending on the taxation of the client’s country. (if the beneficiary’s bank does not work with cryptocurrency).

1.14. The client has the right to get account insurance from a minimum account of $ 1000.




2.1. A Client is notified and agrees that the Company is not responsible for the Client’s action or failure to act during foreign exchange transactions. Responsibility for the trading account state rests on the Client.

2.2. The Company reserves the right to alter this Agreement having notified a Client not less than 2 working days prior to the changes coming into force. The information disposed on the site home page and also in the personal interface of the Personal Cabinet for a period of not less than 3 days should also be regarded as a notification.

2.3. All the authorizations and liabilities of the Company and a Client are the act of a long-term action, until a Client receives a notice of this Agreement termination or closing a trading account.

2.4. The Company shall not be liable for any failure to perform any obligations if such failure is caused by insufficient quality of Internet information transfer to the Client’s Terminal, as well by using information, software and interfaces of the sites not owned by the Company.

2.5. A Client realizes that any market recommendations and information submitted to the Client by the Company, its representatives or by the third persons shall not be construed as a proposal to perform an operation/ transaction.

2.6. A Client realizes that:

a) any payments performed by a Client to the banking details obtained earlier than 24 hours prior to the payment or not on the Company’s website in the appropriate sections, and which differ from the current banking details of the Company do not involve the responsibility of the Company and its obligations to trace and refund a Client’s payment as well as to credit this payment into a Client’s trading balance;

b) any actions performed by a Client or by the third persons (due to the Client’ fault or with the Client’s involvement) that destabilize the work of the Company, its services, facilities or software can cause the Company’s refusal (under the private law) to serve a Client’s current trading account with full repayment of the amount remaining on the trading balance, provided that there are no opened market positions. A Client is mandatory notified by the Company about the reasons for such decision. The Company is also entitled to decline a Client’s subsequent registration and serving a new trading account.

2.7. A Client declares and warrants that he/she:

a) is of sound mind, of the full legal age and financially solvent;

b) is able to trade on Forex and CFD markets;

c) the information provided by the Company’s Client is true and correct. A Client shall inform the Company about all changes in the information within one day from introducing of such changes.

d) the e-mail stated by a Client is not a mailing address of a common, group or shared use with third persons. All messages, requests, claims and information received from this address are on behalf of a Client and are trustworthy.

e) has got acquainted and accepts the conditions described in the Company’s AML policy aimed to combat money laundering and, if so required, is ready to submit the documents verifying his identity and is ready to confirm holder’s authenticity of a bankcard and other payment banking details.




3.1. A Client understands that risk of losses during trading can be rather substantial. A Client should analyze his/ her financial possibilities prior to transactions.

3.2. A Client realizes that it is possible to completely lose the initial funds and any additional funds involved in trading on the market.

3.3. A Client agrees that the Company is not liable for Client’s losses, caused directly or indirectly by the restrictions imposed by the Government, foreign exchange or market regulations, trade suspension, acts of war or other conditions usually referred as “force majeure” and which are beyond the reasonable control of the Company hereto.

The Company does not compensate loss of profit or caused damages, and moral damages as well, in case if the subject of compensation is associated with the Client’s unrealized actions or intentions to commit any actions in the future.

3.4. A Client is informed about the additional risks associated with operating features of the electronic payment systems, problems with the Internet communication network nodes.

3.5. A Client takes full responsibility for the risks associated with the storage of the access data to a trading account and is obliged to prevent accessibility of the third persons to the trading facilities. The Client’s losses and risks associated with the restoration of access to a trading account do not impose obligations on the Company, with an exception of submitting new credentials to a Client, provided that a Client is sufficiently and unambiguously identified as this account owner.

3.6. A Client confirms that commencing trading operations with real monetary funds, he/she:

a) has read and understood the principals of the international market Forex operation in the amount sufficient for performing transactions (the information of the articles posted on the Company’s site and other outside sources available in the Internet);

b) has read and understood the principals of the leverage function in transactions;

c) has become familiar with the trading terminal functions described in the Help file (access through F1 button in the trading terminal);

d) understands the price formation principals on the Forex market and is familiar with the features of charts construction in the trading platform;

e) has passed all necessary training through performing trading transactions with virtual funds on a demo-account of our Company for not less than one month. The requirement for preliminary training is not obligatory but denotes the possible failure to understand and evaluate risks by a Client who does not have any practical experience in performing transactions.

f) Realizes that he/ she sufficiently increases risks of funds losses on a trading account (up to 100%) during transactions (opening orders) without setting levels of loss limitation “StopLoss” and levels of profit fixation “TakeProfit”, as well as at using more that 20% of available funds as a pledge for transactions.




4.1 A Client, using electronic access, can make only the following orders of the trading character:

– OPEN – to open a position;

– CLOSE – to close a position;

– Set (delete, modify) Stop Loss, Take Profit, Buy Limit, Buy Stop, Sell Limit, Sell Stop orders.

Any other orders are not acceptable and are automatically rejected.

4.2. A confirmed order to open/ close a position cannot be cancelled, modified or recalled.

4.3. A transaction is performed by a Client at offered Bid/ Ask prices, which he/ she sees in the Client’s section window of the trading terminal. During the trading session a Client selects a desired operation and makes a request for price confirmation by a Dealer.

4.4. In case of change in price during the order completion or the market volatility growth, a Dealer is entitled to offer a new price to a Client; however, the response time may increase until a Dealer is certain about the price. If the offered price does not suit a Client, he/ she has the right to refuse from the offered price.

4.5. A Dealer is entitled to decline a Client’s request to open a position in case if a free margin is less than the margin required to secure this position.

4.6. Pending orders (Sell Limit, Buy Limit, Sell Stop, Buy Stop) as well as Stop Loss и Take Profit orders on Forex and CFD on shares trading instruments are executed at the stated by a Client prices upon the first tick of the market price, with the exception of the situations when the price of opening an order is formed at the moment of the trading session beginning or in case of drastic changes of the financial instrument rate (during the financial news release, for instance). In such situation, pending orders are executed at the stated Client’s prices if the first tick is less than 10 points from the stated price. Otherwise, the Company is entitled to execute orders at the price of the next tick.

4.6.1 The size of the leverage on Micro, Standart, VIP  accounts depends on the amount of own funds on a trading account: 
1001-5000$ 1:100
5000-10000$  1:50
10001-50001$ 1:33

4.6.2. The Company is entitled to increase the Limit & Stop levels parameter for the financial instruments orders up to 20 points during the essential financial news release. The commencement of the level modification period is considered to be the time not less than 10 minutes before the news release.

4.6.3. The Company is entitled to increase the spread value as well as the Limit & Stop levels parameter for the orders of some financial instruments for the period of low market volatility.

4.7. A Dealer reserves the right not to execute an order or to reconsider an opening (closing) order price in case of the trading platform technical failure which affects the quotes flow on financial instruments, as well as and in case of other technical failures.

4.8. A Client has no right to modify or delete the existing or pending orders provided that the price has reached the level of the order execution.

4.9. Forced closing of opened positions (Stop Out) on a Client’s account occurs upon reaching 5% (five percent) of the Margin Level value. However, when more than three positions are opened, the Company reserves the right to close the most unprofitable of them upon reaching Margin Level of 10 % (ten percent) in order to avoid a negative balance on a fast (volatile) market.

4.10. The reason for the Company’s operations suspension or the concluded transactions revisions shall be: faulty operations of the Internet network providers, information flow faults, hacker attacks and other unlawful acts against the Company’s servers and facilities, force majeure circumstances and also the suspension of trade on financial markets that affects the financial instruments used by the Company.

4.11. The Company has the right to reconsider (modify) a trading transaction in case of software failures detection during 5 trading sessions from the moment of the failure detection. In this case a Client is provided with the history data of at least two independent sources of quotes.

4.12. A Client agrees that the Company has the right to cancel the trading result of the Client’s transactions in case of systematic use of the strategy when the time period between opening and closing an order (or opening a hedge, fully or partially locking order) does not exceed two minutes.

4.13. If Client’s intentions or actions are associated with the use of technical or other specifications (trading conditions, facilities operation, software) with the purpose to derive profit mainly by means of these conditions manipulating (either on a particular account or on a group of interrelated accounts) the Company is entitled to cancel such operations classifying them as non-trading, and in the case of the further misuse – to involuntarily close the account (accounts)with refunding the amounts deposited to such account (accounts).

4.14. A Client is absolutely responsible for the trading transactions performed with the use of the additional functions of the Client’s trading terminal such as Trailing Stop or Expert Advisor. These functions, their performance and specifications are directly reliant on the Client’s trading terminal and cannot be controlled by the Company’s server.

4.15. A Client agrees that the Company has the right to demand from a Client to terminate the Trading Advisor work on a Client’s account, should the number of requests to the server go beyond all reasonable limits, which may result in the server overload.

4.16. The Company reserves the right to decrease a leverage as well as to increase margin requirements pursuant to excessive volatility or low liquidity on the market, based on the current market situation.




5.1. A Client opens an account of the  type for trading “American/ European” digital contracts and “Digital contracts 0-100” on the Company’s website in the protected area of the site – in the Personal Cabinet. As the result of registration, a trading account number (a login and a trading password) is issued to a Client.

5.2. Each of the financial contracts on this site is an individual agreement between the Company and a Client, is not a financial credit document and is not subject to a dispute, a cession or an assignment to the third persons.

5.3. The primary tools for making a request to purchase “American/ European” digital contracts are the following platforms: WebTrader, MetaTrader 4, and mobile applications for iOs and Android. Trading orders processing is performed on the basis of the Webtrader trading server, in the “Market Execution” execution mode.

5.3.1. Utilizing Expert Advisors is allowed on accounts for trading Digital contracts of all types.

5.4. Three types of Digital contracts are available for trade in the Company: “American and European” digital contracts, “Digital contracts 0-100”




5.5. The conditions for concluding digital contracts are specified in the special section of the Company’s site, on the “How to trade digital contracts” and “Preliminary Calculations” pages.

5.6. Upon an attempt to conclude a contract for the amount exceeding the maximum quantity of investment for the certain account type, the terminal will display the error message “Invalid Volume” or “Off quotes”.

5.7. Upon an attempt to conclude a contract for the amount less than the minimum quantity of investment for the certain account type, the terminal will display the error message “Invalid Volume” or “Off quotes”.

5.8. At the moment of concluding a digital contract, opening a trading order with a negative profit equal to the amount invested in a digital contract occurs. When a digital contract expiration period expires, a trading order is closed with the profit value that depends on the result of a deal.

5.9 The Company is entitled to cancel a request for purchasing a financial contract in case if the amount of funds on the trading balances is less than required for purchasing this contract.

5.10. The current rates for a base asset, offered by the Company for digital contracts trade, are the rates calculated by the Company according to the interbank trading information received from the Company’s news agencies partners.

5.11. The quotes for the American and European digital contracts base asset correspond to average prices, which are formed by means of adding a buying price (Ask) to a selling price (Bid) and are calculated using the formula: (Ask+Bid)/2 = Average Price.

5.12. A Client is informed and agrees that the base asset prices for American and European digital contracts at the market can vary from the prices on Forex market. The price levels received from the third source are not accepted for consideration. The parties consider all the matters, associated with the price levels determination, on the basis of the Company’s data.

5.13. Digital contracts trade is available from Monday to Friday from 00:05 to 23:59, excepted days off and holidays. If the expiration of the digital contracts is appointed on a day off or a holiday, the digital contracts will be executed this day.

5.13.1. The Company is entitled to introduce changes into the schedule of the digital contracts market trade without any prior notification about such changes. In such cases, the trading terminal will display the message “Market is closed”.

5.13.2. Information in the section “Preliminary Calculations” is solely provided for familiarizing purposes. Only the levels displayed in the request form for purchasing a digital contract, before the moment of purchasing it, are actual levels.

5.13.3. The period of processing trading orders when concluding contracts for purchasing Digital contracts is not strictly determined and may vary from 0,1 to 3 seconds.

5.13.4. When using mechanical trading systems such as Expert Advisors, Scripts, estimated time of processing trading orders on the W-DIGITAL accounts may increase in order to provide an additional check of trading orders for prices correctness and possibility of concluding a digital contract.

5.14. The Company reserves the right to terminate the digital contracts trade, if the reasons for such actions are the events specified in paragraph 4.10 of this Agreement, including but not limited by them; specific market conditions, such as abnormal market volatility or low liquidity of the base asset offered for trade by the Company, impossibility to calculate the contract price, payout win/loss rates, as well as the existence of such circumstances that, in the judgment of the Company, make such services provision unreasonable.




6.1. Interbank is the largest pamm trading service available to people from all over the world. The client can get acquainted with detailed information about interbank transactions by requesting information on the website or on third-party resources on the Internet.

6.2. The company gives the right to the client with the type of account Micro, Standart, VIP transaction withdrawal through the interbank broker trading. This service is optional and the client has the right to refuse.

6.3. When a transaction enters Interbank, a client can complete a trade in one transaction during the day to withdraw funds from a trading account.

6.4. The client agrees that upon entering an interbank transaction, he is obliged to pay for rollover. The amount of rollover depends on the instrument of trade and the amount of profit on the transaction. When paying for a rollover within 24 hours, this amount will be available both for trading and for withdrawing funds.

6.4.2. The client is notified that after the rollover payment the funds are credited to the trading account within 15 minutes.

6.5. The client agrees that if the rollover is not paid, the funds will be sent to the buffer zone.

6.6. The client agrees that the rollover commission cannot be recovered from the amount of funds that are on the Interbank. The amount must be paid after the results of the transaction.

6.7. The client is notified that only the entire amount in the trading account can be withdrawn to interbank trading.




7.1. TheA bonus can be credited to the Micro, Standart, VIP account type as well as to the Client account opened in the Company, regardless to the date of opening an account, deposit and account currencies.

7.2. A Client has the right to receive a bonus under the condition of replenishing an account by the amount equal to 1000 USD or more.

7.3. A total number of the credited bonuses within the special offer period is unrestricted.

7.4. A bonus is granted as a credit and is not available for withdrawal.

7.5. A trading account balance does not change upon charging a credit bonus.

7.6. During the funds withdrawal from the trading account to which a bonus was credited, the proportional deduction of the bonus funds, if such exist, occurs in relation 1:1.

7.6.1. During the funds transfer from the trading account to which a bonus was credited, the bonus funds are deducted proportionally to the transfer amount in relation 1:1 and credited to the trading account to which the transfer was performed.

7.7. A bonus cannot be used for digital contracts and cryptocurrencies trade.

7.8. A bonus is owned by the Company and can be recalled at any time without any reasons given.

7.8.1. A bonus cannot be lost. In case of a negative floating profit (Equity) occurrence on a trading account, the margin requirements calculations completely depend on own funds on an account.

7.8.2. The client has the right to refuse to accrue bonus funds. When replenishing the equivalent amount accrued as a bonus.

7.8.3. A Client can also refuse from a bonus after it has been credited to a trading account by making a request to the Company’s support service from the Personal Cabinet.

7.9. The Company is entitled to terminate the “Deposit bonus +100%” special offer at any moment without any reasons given.

7.10. The company cooperates with credit organizations throughout Europe, which provide, under an affiliate program, finance at 0 percent.



8.1. A client account in USD, EUR, RUB, UAH currencies is available to any Client.

8.2. An immediate funds transfer between all types of the profile’s trading accounts as well as the client accounts is available to a Client.

8.3. Funds conversion between accounts with different currencies occurs at exchange rates of the central banks of the countries, whose currencies participate in exchange.

8.4. The company is entitled to change the rates of the internal exchange between the profile’s accounts and set the commercial rates, depending on the market conditions.

8.5. A Client agrees that the Company’s additional services are solely a marketing instrument created for additional motivation of Clients and are not a bank service. In case of the “Client account” and “Funds transfer” services manipulation and misuse, the Company has the right to cancel the difference, increased entirely due to these services use, on the profile balance.




9.1. The parties endeavor to settle all disputes by negotiation and correspondence. Claims from a Client are accepted for consideration only in the written form and no later than three calendar days from the moment of the disputable situation occurrence.

9.2. All appeals from a Client are considered to de official and are regarded as appeals represented in the written form, provided that they are delivered by means of the Company’s site interface (in the Personal Cabinet)or via an e-mail stated during registration to the addresses of the relevant Company’s services or by an ordinary mail. Appeals delivered via the applications for on-line communicators such as Skype, Telegram, messenger, support-chart and others are not considered to be written ones.

9.3. The time for consideration the Client’s claims takes no longer than ten working days from the receipt from the Client of all necessary and sufficient data related to such claim and required for its settlement.

9.4. The Company has the right not to consider a Client’s complaint if there is a coarse language in the text of a complaint, the offensive character contents to the Company’s or its employees’ address, threats to defame the Company’s reputation in social nets or other public resources.

9.5. The Company has the right unilaterally terminate the contractual agreements with a Client, fully or partially restraining a Client in utilizing the Company’s services, with immediate effect and without any obligatory Client notification, in case if the Company detects any objective and reasonable causes for this. The Company has the right not to disclose these reasons to a Client.

9.6 In the event of disagreement caused by operations or a Client’s trading account state, the parties shall review the Client’s operations protocols according to the Company’s data. are owned by VIRETTA SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ

ROLNA 1 91/1 93, 02-729 WARSZAWA



This document describes the anti-money laundering policy of the Titan Trade Club  (hereinafter – Company) and its involvement in detecting and preventing any activity connected with money-laundering, financing terrorism and potential use of the Company’s products and services with a purpose of money-laundering (hereinafter- AML policy).

Laundering proceeds of crime – is the action of conversion money or other money-and-credit instruments, derived from criminal activity, into the money or investments that seem lawful so that its illegal source cannot be tracked. Domestic and international legislations, applied to the companies whose clients can deposit on and withdraw monetary funds from their accounts, make it illegal for the Company’s partners to deliberately effect or participate in financial transactions with the criminalized monetary funds.

The aim of the anti-money laundering procedures is to guarantee that the clients, participating in financial transactions with the involvement of the Company site, are identified under reasonable standards with the minimum identity data set for the law-abiding clients. The company has developed the internal anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism policy in accordance with the international legislation requirements. The company carefully monitors any suspicious actions and transactions and reports such actions to the appropriate authorities in due time.

In order to minimize the risks of money laundering and terrorism financing the Company does not receive cash on a deposit and does not make any payments in cash under any circumstances. The Company reserves the right to abandon the transaction processing at any stage in case if the transaction deems to be in any way connected with the money laundering or criminal activity. In accordance with the international legislation, the Company is not entitled to inform a Client that his criminal activity has been reported to the appropriate authorities.


  • The minimum required identity data set necessary for opening a real trading account includes:
  • – Full name (surname, name and patronymic name);
  • – Registration and financial e-mail;
  • – A Client’s residential or business address;
  • – Telephone number.

In order to execute the anti-money laundering laws the Company can demand from its Client to present two documents verifying his identity. The first document that can be demanded by the Company is an unexpired identification document that bears a Client’s photograph issued by the jurisdictional government. It can be a passport, a driving license (for the countries where a driving license is a primary identification document) or a local identity card (except an in-company access card). The other document that can be demanded by the Company – is a bill, aged less than three months, containing the full Client’s name and actual address. It can be a bill for housing services, a bank statement or any other document that confirms a Client’s address. In some cases the Company can also request a Client to present notarized copies of the documents.

The documents written on the languages other than English should be translated into English by a sworn translator; the translation should be typed and signed by a translator and sent enclosed with a copy of an original document that bears a clear Client’s photo.


The Company demands that during the operation of a replenishment the funds sender’s name fully corresponds the name, specified during the account registration (in case when a payment system provides a funds sender’s name). Acceptance of payment from the third person is prohibited.

The company has the right to demand a strict adherence to commonly agreed procedures of funds replenishment and withdrawal. The money can be withdrawn to the same account and by the same means as the replenishment was performed. During the funds withdrawal the receiver’s name should strictly correspond to the Client’s name in the Company’s database. In case the replenishment was performed by means of a bank transfer, the funds can be withdrawn solely by the bank transfer to the same bank and account from which the replenishment was made. In the event that replenishment was performed via electronic payment system, the funds can be withdrawn by means of an electronic payment to the same system and the account from which the replenishment was performed. The Company is entitled, upon own discretion, to perform a transfer on the requisites on which the replenishment of the account was performed.

The Company declares that for the purpose of following the anti-money laundering policy, the money transfers made by the Company’s clients are allowed only in the aim of trading operations directed to deriving profits within the range of the services offered by the Company. Should the Company has sufficient reasons to believe that funds transfers are used by an account owner with violation of legislation and/or Company’s anti-money laundering policy for the purpose different from the services offered by the Company, the Company reserves the right to block a trading account and a Client’s personal account (Trader’s Room) for conducting any transactions from this personal account.

If you have any additional questions, please, contact us via e-mail: are owned by VIRETTA SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ

ROLNA 1 91/1 93, 02-729 WARSZAWA



Refund Policy has been developed to reduce financial and legal risks of the Company, observe principles of anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing policy.

The Company has the right to unilaterally block the access to the Client area, suspend trading activity of Accounts, cancel a request for transfer/ withdrawal, or make a refund, if the source of funds or the Client’s activities contradict the anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing policy.

The Company does not cancel the implemented trade transactions, therefore the Company has the right to return the funds to the remitter, if within one month from the date of recharge, no trading activity has been recorded on the trading accounts.

The Company has the right, under certain objective reasons and, if it is necessary, to make a refund of funds received via any payment system including credit/debit cards. Furthermore, the refund will be made to electronic wallets and bank details, which have been used by the Client when paying in the funds. It should also be mentioned that withdrawal of the total deposit amount is only possible on the same requisites and to the same payment system that were used during depositing the account.

The timescales for funds withdrawal do not exceed two banking days from the moment of sending the funds withdrawal request. In some cases, money transfers can exceed the stated timescales depending on a payment system/ an emitting bank.

If the Company classifies the activities of the Client as inappropriate or contradicting the usual purpose of the Company’s services usage, where there is a direct, or indirect, illegal or dishonest intent, the Company has the right to act within the framework of this document, without informing the Client in advance. All direct or indirect losses; expenses connected with transfer of funds are reimbursed to the Company from the Client’s funds.

When replenishing a trade account with a credit card, the Client agrees not to lodge a request to the bank to charge the payment back, which has already been received to the trade account or to the provider of a credit/debit bank card, both during and after the use of the Company’s services. Any such attempt will be treated by the Company as a breach of the Contract for the provision of services, for which the Client may be subjected to responsibility in accordance with national legislation.

The Company will take all necessary measures to prevent and block both crediting and withdrawal of funds from the Client’s account by third parties. Crediting and withdrawal of funds from the account can be performed only be the holder of this account. are owned by VIRETTA SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ

ROLNA 1 91/1 93, 02-729 WARSZAWA



VIRETTA SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ (hereinafter – “Titan Trade Club”, “Company”) pays considerable attention to safeguarding and nondisclosure of our clients’ personal data, as well as relevant financial information.

During the registration and service provision for a client’s profile the Company collects personal data for business purposes, in particular, for assessing your financial needs, processing your orders and transactions, for informing about products and services that you may be interested in, and for providing service for your accounts. Our clients’ personal data and contact information are specified during a client’s profile registration, while making a request for opening an account or taking part in the Company’s other programmes (special offers, bonuses, contests, etc.)

Such information may include: last name, first name, residence address, contact telephone, e-mail address, and so on, according to the “Know Your Customer” (KYC) policy; financial data: information about your trading activity, account state, balance, etc.

Anti-money laundering policy requires us to collect information and take appropriate measures for identification of your personality. The Company can request further documents containing data necessary for the person identity authentication of a client, for instance, a passport or a driving license, utility bills, or perform identification of a bank card holder.

Your personal data will be stored, processed and protected according to the existing personal data protection law pursuant to the jurisdiction of that country where the company’s head office is located.

The Company utilizes Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology in order to protect the information you submit to us. This technology prevents your information being intercepted by anyone other, except World Forex, at the moment of its submitting. The company makes all possible efforts to ensure our web site security conformance to industry standards. In order to provide security, the Company also uses firewalls, authentication systems (e.g., passwords and personal identification numbers), and access control mechanisms.


Cookies – are small files that are stored in a site visitor’s computer. They contain information that this site uses to keep track of the click-through rate and website traffic. Such information allows determining the most effective promotional tools, as well as gives the opportunity to have a broad picture of the site visitors’ activity. You can change your browser settings to reject all cookies. However, we do not recommend limiting or switching off cookies, since it may impair your work on our site and result in some functions and services incorrect work.


We may share your personal data with associated or affiliated companies, partners, agents or any other authorized organizations or persons in order to fulfill direct or indirect liabilities associated with our service provision to you. We assure you that all persons stated in this notification follow this Policy and take all required measures to protect your privacy.


In some cases we can disclose such personal data as a name, an address and an e-mail address, etc.,to the third parties authorized by Maxima Trade in virtue of existing contractual relationships with them.

In case of necessity, we will be obliged to disclose your personal information upon the request from official regulatory authorities and law enforcement agencies.


You are not obliged to provide us with any personal information we request. However, in case of failure to receive necessary data we will not be able to provide your accounts with fully-functioning service. Since we make every effort to obtain true, full and updated information, our clients are recommended to inform the Company about any changes to their private information. are owned by VIRETTA SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ

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The Client understands that trading at Forex is associated with high risk and realizes the probability of substantial losses from trading transactions. Prior to commencing the trading activity, it is highly recommended to conduct a careful analysis of one’s financial state. The Client realizes that there exists a risk of complete loss of a deposit while trading at the market.

The Client admits that the Company is not liable for the Client’s losses, caused directly or indirectly by the restrictions imposed by the Government, foreign exchange or market regulations, trading suspension, acts of war or other conditions usually referred as “force majeure” and which are beyond the reasonable control of the Company hereto.

The client is informed about the other additional risks, associated with work of electronic trading systems, and also problems of Internet connections.

The Client takes full responsibility for the risks associated with the storage of the credentials to the trading account and is obliged to prevent the accessibility of the third parties to the trading facilities. The Client’s losses and risks associated with the restoration of the access to the trading account do not impose obligations on the Company, except submitting the Client with new credentials provided that the Client is sufficiently and unambiguously identified as this account owner. are owned by VIRETTA SPÓŁKA Z OGRANICZONĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚCIĄ

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